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Whether you have a large estate or a house with a backyard, you might need a tree company. A Bristol's Tree Care can help you to prune your trees when needed. When it becomes necessary to remove the tree altogether, we can help you to do so safely. And if your trees are diseased or damaged, we can help you to nurse them back to health. We can help with:

1. Overgrown Trees: It's great when trees develop and grow, especially in the area surrounding your house. However, there might be times when they grow right into your house or into the houses of your neighbors! In such cases, it's a good idea to get tree pruning.
2. Diseased Trees: There are several factors that determine tree growth. Is it getting enough light and water? Are there any creepers growing on it? What kind of soil has it been planted in? At times, it's possible for the tree to not get everything it needs or for it to be attacked by a fungus or develop root rot. If it seems like your tree isn't growing as well as before and you suspect that it has developed some type of disease, give us a call to pinpoint the problem and resolve it in the best way possible?
3. Damaged Trees: There are times when a tree is perfectly healthy, but it might get damaged due to some reason. You keep hearing about reckless drivers driving their cars into trees. But nobody stops to wonder what happens to a tree after that. Or the tree might be struck by lightning. Sometimes trees also fall over during storms which have heavy winds. If your tree is damaged, why not call in the professionals? They will be able to tell you whether the tree can be salvaged or should be removed.

Contact us to learn more about taking care of your trees with the help of a tree company.

For over 26 years, Bristol’s Tree Service has provided expert tree services including tree removal, tree trimming, and stump grinding to Farmington CT. We are fully licensed and insured to practice Arboriculture in Connecticut and follow industry standards when it comes to safety. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and can guarantee a job done right the first time. We have an ISA certified arborist on staff and a certified crane operator for tree removals.

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Tree Service Farmington CT